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  Zhejiang Fulanke M&C CO.,LTD.which one all can do Research, Product, Sells, Service a new kind product company. Found on1992, have more than 20 years manufacture and sales experience. The submersible,2011compant became a exitment certification company.

      Now Fulanke company main product serial of pumps, series of motors, seria of oxygenation, serial of solar energy. Companybuilding standing on named“water pumps town”—DaXi.Possession like garden standardization nearly about 100mu production base. More than 12000 square construction area. Have more than 500 employees.
      As a fast development of pump production company. Fulanke have a strong marking network. To 2011,buy the distributor,  or third-party retail shop operators to China in Fnlanke products more than 1,000.Mature producture and sells of brand management system that the export business in Europe and America,Asia,Africa,and Australia five continents have more than 10 countries.

The 21st century, Fulanke who full of confidence to accept challenge. Making Fulanke have more color and jumpping highly.

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